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Luxury and Comfort to the Core by Newcastle Bathroom Renovations

We provide bathroom renovation services like no other. Newcastle Bathroom Renovations will transform any ordinary, outdated bathroom into a luxurious place of comfort. Our highly experienced and extensively trained team has the knowledge, tools, and equipment to carry out all kinds of bathroom remodelling jobs no matter how large or small. 

Whether you’re planning to remodel an existing bathroom or you’re building one from the ground up, we’re here to help out. Our specialties include laundry and bathroom design, installing new fixtures and furniture, and full bathroom renovations for residential and commercial properties. With top-quality materials, exceptional workmanship, and professional customer service, our ultimate goal is always to exceed our clients’ expectations. 

Newcastle Bathroom Renovations is based in The Hunter Region. We also provide bathroom remodelling services West Lake Macquarie, bathroom makeover West Newcastle as well as Central Coast to the Hunter Valley. Contact us for enquiries!


    Bathroom Renovations Google Reviews and Trust Badge
    Jacqueline Murillo
    Jacqueline Murillo
    Bathroom Renovations Newcastle did a fantastic job renovating my old bathroom. I was pleasantly surprised by how professional they were, even when we had to leave the house for an emergency for a few days! Thank you guys-we love it!!
    Amy Bosch
    Amy Bosch
    The Bathroom Renovations Newcastle team came in and completely transformed our old bathroom from an outdated space to an inviting show-stopper. They executed the plan professionally with trades who respected us while we had my pet dog that wanted constant attention! I will be recommending you guys because I experienced what it's like when things go wrong for your work crew - they get creative and persistent until they resolve their issues. Thank you so much for everything -we love it!!
    Vickie Dunn
    Vickie Dunn
    Bathroom Renovations Newcastle came in and completely gutted and renovated our old bathroom. The job was executed professionally, the trades were respectful of us while we had a lockdown situation going on with my pet dog wanting constant attention! I will be recommending you to everyone because Bathroom Renovations are amazing, especially when they do their jobs during such difficult circumstances. Thank you for everything guys-we love it!!
    Paul Bogert
    Paul Bogert
    We are so happy with our new bathroom because of Bathroom Renovations in Newcastle. We were completely blown away by all the hard work and couldn't be more grateful to have had such a professional team at hand for any emergencies or questions we had during this process. You guys really went above and beyond, even working on my bathroom while I was under lockdown! I'm forever indebted to you as well as recommending your company's services whenever possible (especially if there will be puppies!)
    Ray Jenson
    Ray Jenson
    The bathroom team from Newcastle has completely gutted and renovated my old, outdated bathroom. Being a tradesman myself I was blown away with the quality of workmanship they did! They were all clean, respectful and professional when dealing with me or any other client in their previous jobs before mine. Considering this is during lockdown too it really shows how dedicated these guys are to ensuring you get your new home back as soon as possible while looking after people's needs - even if that means giving pats to our little puppy who wanted attention every day since she couldn't go anywhere outside because of construction going on everywhere around us at the time! With such an amazing job done we will be recommending them to family members & friends for sure ;)
    Bryan Earle
    Bryan Earle
    If you are looking for the best bathroom renovators in Newcastle, don't hesitate to call these guys. I call them for a quote, and they invited me to check out their showroom in Cardiff. They have a massive selection of tiles you can choose from and all kind of water fixtures. Extremely professional. They also show us a 3D version of our bathroom to help us decide on the layout. Matt is an expert. We are so glad to come across them.

    Bathroom Renovations Newcastle - Local Contractors

    There are plenty of contractors and handymen around, but nothing compares to Newcastle Bathroom RenovationsWhy should you work with us? We treat each job with equal importance. Customer service is our passion. We only consider our job done when we know that you are fully satisfied with our work. 

    • Get free consultations on location
    • Extensively trained and licensed builders
    • More than a decade of valuable experience
    • Exceptional customer service
    • Excellent work – guaranteed!

    Get ready for the ultimate bathroom makeover. Traditional or contemporary, simple or luxurious, our bathroom renovation team got you covered!

    Luxurious Bathrooms: Meticulous Workmanship, Thorough Process

    The bathroom is typically the first room you visit after waking up in the morning and the last room you’re coming from before sleeping at night. It isn’t an overnight process if you’re aiming for a beautiful bathroom, one that actually makes you comfortable and relaxed. Newcastle Bathroom Renovations will get the perfect look and feel for your bathroom. We’ll listen to your thoughts and ideas, share our recommendations, and make your bathroom goals a reality.

    First Inspection and Free Consultation On Site

    Free Quotes

    We will assign one of our expert designers to visit your home, inspect your bathroom, discuss your ideas, and provide recommendations. At this time, we will also measure the bathroom and list down the required materials.

    Free Quotation and Advice

    Friendly Staff

    Once we have gathered measurements, materials, and design ideas, we will be ready to start your project. You might also need to sign a contract before we can start working on the bathroom renovation project.

    Design and Materials

    Now’s the time to make a decision on the design and materials needed for your bathroom makeover. Our design team will work with you to discuss the layout, theme, colour, plumbing fitting, fixtures, tiles or stone materials, paint, and lighting. We have a network of suppliers that deliver excellent quality products and materials. We’ll help you pick the ones that would be suitable for your bathroom.

    Second Inspection and Consultation On Location

    As we finalize the design and our drawings, we will visit your home once again for another inspection and consultation session. We will further discuss the project, give you details on how we will go about the bathroom remodel process, and a timeline to help manage your expectations. By this time, you can have a clearer view of what the bathroom will look like after completing the renovation job.

    simple small bathroom reno having a shower curtain

    Site Preparation

    This is the first official stage of the construction process. We will remove all personal effects and fixtures you wish to keep. We will cushion or cover surfaces to prevent damage while renovating your bathroom. If necessary, we will demolish your bathroom areas such as floors or walls if they have to be replaced. Our carpenters will also begin preparing your bathroom as we have discussed in the plan.

    Bathroom Renovation Essentials

    Before proceeding with the rest of the renovation process, our licensed plumbers and electricians will fix, replace, and/or install all wiring and plumbing systems in the bathroom first.

    We can share one valuable tip with you if you’re planning on bathroom renovations on a budget to keep wires and plumbing systems in place. Replace the system, if needed, but leave them in the same position to avoid additional costs.

    bathroom makeover picture with a window large mirror in front of the bathroon vanity facing a shower curtain

    The Bathroom Transformation

    This is the stage where the real magic happens. At this time, we will begin building the plans you desire for your bathroom. Walls and ceilings are re-plastered using water-resistant materials. We’ll make your bathroom watertight with high-quality waterproofing membrane. Tiles will then be installed on floors and walls, according to your preference. Cabinets and countertops are now in place.

    Some Finishing Touches

    You can now almost see how your renovated bathroom looks like, but we’re not done yet. For even more enhanced water tightness, we will install further caulking to your bathroom’s internal corners. Our team will now install the remaining fixtures and fitting. And finally, to complete the shower renovation, we will measure then install a shower screen for your brand new bathroom.

    We Clean As We Go

    We give utmost respect to our clients’ properties. After we complete the entire bathroom renovation project, we will clean up the entire area. It will be beautiful, spotless, and ready for immediate use. 

    Our team provides full bathroom renovation services and repairs. No matter how simple or complex your requirements are, Newcastle Bathroom Renovations is here to help. We’d love to hear your ideas. Schedule your consultation session with our team today!

    bathroom upgrades picture having a all white wall sink, bathroom tub
    a man fixing a huge bathroom vanity in Newcastle
    both hands in a stripes longsleeves measuring a bathroom sink
    two mean in a white shirt moving the taped cabinet in dark brown colour towards the wall
    a man in a army green jacket leaning towards the bathroom sink
    Bathroom renovation works picture with unfinish floor tiles

    Main Bathroom Makeovers

    Renovating a bathroom involves redesigning the bathroom’s layout, changing some or all features, and installing new fixtures and fittings. Whether you’re looking for a minor bathroom remodelling service or you need total bathroom renovations, Newcastle Bathroom Renovations is the company to call. With more than a decade of experience in the field, you can expect the best workmanship from our team. We will take your ideas, style, preferences, and budget into consideration. We will work with you to fully transform any bathroom in your home into the bathroom of your dreams. 

    More than any other bathroom, main bathrooms or common bathrooms need regular maintenance so they remain clean, functional, and beautiful. According to tile contractors Johnson City, these are some of the most commonly used spaces in your home as these bathrooms are usually shared. Many times, the main bathroom is also the one used by guests who are visiting your home. Therefore, it should always be presentable. 

    Some homes only have one bathroom so it needs to be spacious. If your current bathroom feels too cramped, our designers will work with you to create the best layout that will allow more space. Even better, if you prefer, our team can help build an extra bathroom in your home so you won’t have to share with everyone anymore. 

    You only need one company for your bathroom renovation needs. Bathroom upgrades, retiling bathroom, bathroom restoration, shower or toilet renovation, and even small bathroom reno, Newcastle Bathroom Renovations is the one-stop-shop you can call. 

    All our bathroom renovation jobs are treated with equal importance. Some of our clients call us for minor bathroom repairs while others are looking for a total bathroom makeover. Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll work on it for you. Our mission is to transform any bathroom into a private space any homeowner will be happy to use. 

    unfinished simple bathroom renovation picture in Newcastle

    Ensuite Renovation

    En suite bathrooms are often considered more special compared to common bathrooms. Since they are located within a bedroom, they are private spaces that you can customize according to your personal preferences. It doesn’t have to match with the rest of the house, but you can match it with the rest of your room. Unless you’re sharing your bedroom with your spouse or partner, sibling, or roommate, then this bathroom is truly your own. Our bathroom renovation team at Newcastle Bathroom Renovations will work with you to ensure that your ensuite blends with your style perfectly. 

    Many ensuite bathrooms lack space but this is one thing you can solve with a strategic design. Our designers will sit down with you to discuss layout ideas that can help make your bathroom more spacious. Some features such as windows, mirrors, and even paint and tile colour can greatly help create the illusion of space so your ensuite doesn’t feel cramped. 

    Most importantly, an ensuite renovation should prioritize functionality. The toilet, shower, tub, cabinets, lights, wiring systems, and all other features and fixtures should work and deliver their purpose. At Newcastle Bathroom Renovations, the service we offer covers all these and more. We will stop working only when we know that we have already met and exceeded your expectations. 

    a picture of ongoing complete bathroom renovation in Newcastle

    Honest and Fair Prices for Bathroom Renovations in Newcastle

    Are you looking for bathroom renovations on a budget? No worries. Newcastle Bathroom Renovations is here to help. Through the years, we have worked with a variety of clients, built and renovated countless bathrooms all over Newcastle. We service both residential and commercial properties renovations so we understand how the budget differs with every project. 

    Our commitment to excellence always stays in place. We are here to provide exceptional workmanship so your new bathroom remains functional for many years to come. We use only the best quality materials and source them from trusted suppliers to ensure durability and long-lasting beauty. At the same time, we always give our customers the best, honest, and most reasonable prices. 

    At Newcastle Bathroom Renovationswe believe that every Newcastle homeowner deserves to have a beautiful and functional bathroom without breaking the household’s budget. So give us a call today. We’ll visit your home, discuss the project, and give you a free estimate—no strings attached!

    Bathroom Renovations Frequently Asked Questions

    How much do I have to spend on bathroom renovations?

    The average bathroom renovation cost ranges from $8,000 to $40,000. It is a wide range because there are factors to consider that may affect this price. Our bathroom renovation takes into consideration the bathroom size, types of materials required, features and fixtures you preferred, and more. When you call Newcastle Bathroom Renovations to inspect your home, we will do some measurements and take note of your ideas and design preferences. We’ll then give you a free estimate so you can know in advance how much the project will cost. The quote you will get already covers labour, materials, and fitting. 

    Why are bathroom renovations expensive?

    Bathroom remodels are never DIY jobs. We have to call licensed and qualified workers to renovate your bathroom. The work involves carpentry, plumbing, wiring, tiling, and more. High-quality materials also cost a lot of money. Renovating a bathroom is a good investment though so it’s all worth it. And when you’re working with an honest company like Newcastle Bathroom Renovationsyou can always ask for options when you’re on a tight budget. 

    Do I really have to renovate my bathroom before selling my home?

    Kitchen and bathroom renovations are highly recommended when you’re planning to sell your home. Many buyers look at these areas of your home and can instantly get turned off when they’re dirty and outdated. An updated bathroom will not only attract buyers but can also help increase the value of your home.

    What should be my priorities when remodelling a bathroom?

    The number one priority for every bathroom renovation job would have to be sourcing and using the best quality materials. Although quality materials like premium tiles and features may cost quite a bit more in the beginning, they are meant to last a long time. This will save you a lot of money since you won’t have to repair or replace them for many years to come. 

    At Newcastle Bathroom Renovationswe are all about giving our clients options. We recommend setting a realistic budget to avoid overspending. We also set our clients’ expectations by creating a timeline or schedule. Rushing the work doesn’t usually end well. Excellent workmanship takes time. 

    How much time do you need to renovate my bathroom?

    A full bathroom renovation takes time. Our team typically spends 1 to 3 weeks, including weekends, to renovate a full bathroom. We also take into consideration the client’s preferred schedule.

    What is the best kind of tile I should use for my bathroom?

    There are plenty of bathroom tile types to choose from depending on your budget and style preference. Many prefer porcelain for bathroom floors because of its dense and less-porous quality. Porcelain is typically stain- and water-resistant too. The versatility of porcelain tiles also makes it a top choice among clients. You can even choose from a wide variety of colours and designs.

    Client satisfaction is our number one priority. We strongly believe that every homeowner deserves a luxurious and beautiful bathroom. Good enough is not enough. We strive for excellence. 

    Newcastle Bathroom Renovations offers top quality service at fair and honest prices. Request for a free estimate today! 

    Contact Us for a Free Consultation Today

    Our bathroom renovations team is excited to work with you! We’d love to hear about your ideas and make them a reality. Whether you’re searching for a small bathroom or laundry room reno or a full bathroom makeover, we are the company to call. Newcastle Bathroom Renovations services all of the Hunter Region including Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and the surrounding communities. 

    Call us to schedule a free on-site inspection and consultation today! For all your basement refinish check out our partners. Also, Bathroom renovations Ipswich and bathroom remodeling san angelo.

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