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Optimising Your Home For Laundry: All You Need In One Place

Your laundry is the last thing on your mind when you’re designing your dream home. But, it shouldn’t be! You deserve to have a space for everything in one place: from sorting and stacking to ironing board and storage. Bathroom Renovations Newcastle offers a range of solutions, including an optimised laundry space that will give you everything you need at your fingertips.


Expert Laundry Renovations in Newcastle

At Bathroom Renovations Newcastle, we provide laundry renovations in Newcastle that will help you optimise your space. Laundries are often overlooked when designing the home, but giving them the right amount of attention can increase their usefulness and effectiveness. The perfect laundry is a well-lit room with plenty of storage for everything from detergents to freshly ironed clothes.

We design our laundries as if we were designing them just for us: starting from what we want ourselves or even dreaming about. We are honoured on ensuring each customer has their own unique personalised experience when working with us on their next project!

The Bathroom Renovations team will take care of all aspects of design and build to have efficient service while ensuring it suits your requirements as closely as possible. From choosing appliances to flooring materials, our team offer expert advice on how best to maximise each area’s potential – which saves time and money too!

Call us today on (02) 4003 6435 to find out more or book a free consultation now for your new Laundry Renovations Newcastle.


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    Affordable and Stylish Home Laundry Solutions

    We offer a range of laundry solutions to suit your needs. We can come into your home and measure up, assess what you need space-wise for the washer/dryer and ironing board, then design a solution that looks great in your new kitchen or laundry room.

    We can come to measure up and assess what you need space-wise for the washer/dryer and ironing board, then design a solution that looks great in your new kitchen or laundry room. Contact us today to find out more.

    The process includes assessing things like: Do you need more bench space? Is storage an issue with too many clothes on hangers? What do you want to store under the sink? How much natural light will there be coming into the room from windows?

    We offer different laundry solutions, so we have something for everyone’s budget, whether it’s a custom-made laundry or a standard laundry with storage.

    Ultimate Laundry Renovation Services

    We guarantee exceptional results, from the initial planning stage to the final installation. Call our team at Bathroom Renovations Newcastle for a free quote.

    The design team at Bathroom Renovations Newcastle will work closely with you to ensure your laundry space is as inspiring and practical as possible. We will listen carefully to what you need, measure up your available areas, consider how much time/energy each task requires (drying clothes, for example) and create a tailor-made solution based on these factors.

    Suppose there are many aspects of our service that don’t suit your needs or style. In that case, we can also provide professional advice regarding upgrading appliances – ensuring they’re energy-efficient and fit in seamlessly with the rest of your home’s décor. All this means one less thing to worry about!


    organise and clean newly renovated Laundry area

    Laundry Renovations, Repairs and Make-overs

    We do bathrooms renovation, but we also do laundry renovations. Laundries are often thought last during the home design, and it’s not always a comfortable space to get right.

    Bathroom Renovations Newcastle will help you optimise your space for a well-organised new laundry with everything you need in one place. It’s not just about laundry renovations – we also do repairs, make-overs and new laundries. Our team of experts and passionate will work with you to get the design right for your space, ensuring that all of your needs are met conveniently.

    We focus on your needs and work with you to create the perfect laundry for your home. Your new laundry will have space for a washer and dryer, an ironing board and a sorting area – so no more carrying clothes across the house! There is also convenient space available for your laundry bins, detergents and ironing boards. Our team can help you organise your items in a way that suits your needs too – all while taking into account how much room they need!

    Laundry Renovations to organise the space

    Getting Laundry Cabinets Storage

    We know how important it is to have storage for your laundry. You’ll need space to store all of the washing detergent, dryer sheets and other items that you use in the process. To get this done, we will install cabinets around your washer and dryer unit. Counters are also a great place for wet clothes and more shelves or baskets with shelf liners installed, so they don’t slide off when you open them up again.

    Quality Laundry Finishes Every Time

    We’re not your typical Laundry Renovations Newcastle company. We’re committed to making your new laundry both functional and beautiful, so you’ll feel satisfied with our service every time we come out.

    We are adept at planning and fitting out small spaces with laundry, as well as larger ones. We’ll develop the perfect solution for your needs concerning space, design and functionality.

    We have all the options you need when it comes to Laundry Renovations Newcastle:


    Floor plans for new homes or renovations that include a laundry

    Transforming an existing room into a laundry by adding functional shelving units, neat storage solutions and some practical features like lighting

    Installing cabinets explicitly designed for laundries that also provide extra storage for other activities around the house, such as ironing boards or vacuum cleaners

    Making use of unused corners of rooms (in most cases) by installing freestanding washers/dryers

    Laundry Renovations - Best Option to Make the Most of Your Space

    Our team of designers at Bathroom Renovations Newcastle will work with you to make the most of your space.

    Laundries are often thought of as last when designing a home, and we want that little room in your house to be practical, comfortable and relaxed.

    We’ll help you optimise your space, so there’s plenty of storage for dry goods or laundry bins before they’re put onto shelves. The best part is it gives you a handy ironing board too!

    Your new laundry will have an accessible area for both washer and dryer, giving more convenient access than ever before. You can also store all your detergents on nearby surfaces within easy reach if need be.

    expert renovators in creating Laundry area

    How much does it cost to renovate a laundry?

    A laundry renovation can cost anywhere from $2500 to over $5000. It depends on your laundry area size and how much you want it to be fitted with all the latest appliances, fixtures and fittings.
    We can provide a quote for your job based on what we know about your project so far:

    What type of work is required? – How large or small is my space?

    Do I have an appliance that needs replacing within my existing setup?

    When we get these details back from you, our team will give you a detailed quote estimate that includes labour, materials, and installation costs. We’ll also include any other details such as plumbing or electrical works needed to complete the renovation according to your specifications.

    Client satisfaction is our number one priority. We strongly believe that every homeowner deserves a luxurious and beautiful bathroom. Good enough is not enough. We strive for excellence. 

    Newcastle Bathroom Renovations offers top quality service at fair and honest prices. Request for a free estimate today! 

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